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Сельскохозяйственные и индустриальные постеры и реклама- 19 век США-Европа и 20 век-СССР.

Gift for the grangers, promotional poster, 1873

I feed you all!
Lith by American Oleograph Co., Milwaukee, c1875.
No doubt inspired by the Granger movement, the artist asserts the importance of the farmer in American society. The title is a variation on the movement's motto, "I Pay for All."

Washington at Mount Vernon 1797: agriculture is the most healthy, the most useful, and the most noble employment of man.--Washington
N. Currier (Firm),
New York : Published by N. Currier, c1852.

Life of George Washington--The farmer
c1853. | 1 print | Stearns, Junius Brutus, 1810-1885

Lagonda Agricultural Works, Springfield, Clark County, Ohio, Warder, Brokaw & Child / E. Forbes, del. ; lith. of G.W. Lewis, N.Y.
Forbes, Edwin, 1839-1895 , artist

The climax mower, most complete and perfect mower in the world, the Corry Machine Co., Corry, Pen.

Jas. H. Wallick presents The dairy farm a romance of Sleepy Hollow by Eleanor Merron.
Other Title: Dairy farm.
Wallick, James H., 1839-1908

Walter A. Wood Self or Hand Dump Rake Advertisement
Late 19th Century advertisement.

British Scarecrow in a field Vintage English UK Poster
AGE: c. 1930’s

The great "scrub" race
Date Created/Published: [1870], c1870.


The poultry of the world, 1868
The poultry of the world. Portraits of all known valuable breeds of fowl. Fifty-two types of identified chickens. Chromolithograph by L. Prang & Co., Boston, ca. 1868.

Promotional print for Grange members showing scenes of farming and farm life.
Gift for the grangers. "I pay for all." Faith, hope, charity, fidelity. Multipanel poster for Grange members showing scenes of farming and farm life. Chromolithograph by Strobridge & Co., lithographers, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1873.
"Я плачу за все." Вера, надежда, любовь, верность. Многопанельный плакат со сценами сельского хозяйства и сельской жизни.Подарок для усадьбы. Хромолитография.

The best in the market


Eleventh Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, 1883

Eleventh Cincinnati Industrial Exposition, 1883. The National Exhibition of Industry and Art, opens Sept. 5th, closes Oct. 6th. Female figure of "Justice" judging products presented by various states: Ohio as blonde woman with model of combine; Georgia as African American boy holding textiles; Indiana as Native American woman holding locomotive model; Kentucky as African American man holding tobacco. Exposition building in background. Promotional poster by Krebs Lithographing Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, ca. 1883.

Fire Extinguisher Mfg. Co., advertising poster, ca. 1890
Fire Extinguisher Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of "Babcock" and "Champion", chemical engines, hand fire extinguishers, city & village hook & ladder trucks, hand & horse hose, and fire department supplies generally. office & factory, 315-323 South Desplaines Street, Chicago. Advertising poster, undated, estimated publication around 1880–1900.

Pullman compartment cars & through trains, Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Rail Road advertising poster, 1894

Нашего из "12 стульев" так и не нашла, но вот 1915-18 гг. немецкие и других стран:

Freiheit, Friede, Arbeit. Wählt die Deutsche Volkspartei in Bayern
1919. | 1 print (poster) | Zietara, Valentin, 1883-1935

Willst du den Frieden ernten, musst du säen -- darum zeichne 8. Kriegsanleihe ...
[19]18. | 1 print (poster) | Franke, Ernst Ludwig, 1886-1948

They serve France. How can I serve Canada? Buy victory bonds / Adapted from photo by Brown Bros.
Date Created/Published: [S.l. : s.n., 1915]

The girl on the land serves the nation's need Apply Y.W.C.A. Land Service Committee / / Edward Penfield.
Penfield, Edward, 1866-1925, artist

Emprunt National 1918. Société Générale, pour nous rendre entiére la douce terre de France

Will you help the women of France? Save wheat / Edward Penfield.
Creator(s): Penfield, Edward, 1866-1925, artist

Дореволюционная картинка
Vintage Russian Farm Tool Advertisement



Художник В. Корецкий (1909-1998)









Плакаты времен Гражданской войны. 1918-22. За и против Советов.-ТУТ

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