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John White(1585-1593).Первые изображения коренных американцев

John White.1585-1593, британский акварелист.
Первый европейский художник, рисовавший коренных американцев с натуры. Это картинки из Британского Музея, в поиске их не было.


Известны еще циклы рисунков и гравюр других художников 16 века, здесь есть гравюры по 18 век, что любопытно- нигде на них нет скальпов или танцев со скальпами.
Такие картинки появляются только в 19 веке, нашлась только одна картинка конца 18 века.

---------------John White.1585 - 1593-------------
John White.1585 - 1593
Watercolourist, the first British artist in America and first European to paint Native Americans (about 1585-6); governor of the colony at Roanoke (1587)

Verso: The village of Pomeiooc (l half), leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings), associated with John White; at centre figures around a fire, houses and pallisade encircling the village

The town of Secoton; bird's-eye view of town with houses, lake at the top, fire, fields and ceremony

A camp fire ceremony; some Indian figures waving gourd rattles, some apparently singing
Watercolour and bodycolour over graphite, heightened with white and gold

A festive dance; around circle of posts

The wife of a Timucuan chief of Florida; with ear ornaments and painted marks or tattoos, holding corn cobs and bowl

Tupinamba Indians welcoming a Frenchman, leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings), associated with John White; the European sitting in a hammock hiding his face, while a naked woman, also hiding her face, crouches before him, a male Indian with a bow and arrow behind

Tupinamba Indian man, woman and child; the man holds a bow and arrows and wears a neck-ornament, the baby in a sling, various fruit depicted in the foreground
Watercolour, with bodycolour and pen and brown ink

Tupinamba Indians dancing, leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings), associated with John White; a woman holding a rattle in the background, the other with bell-shaped rattles, possibly pods, attached to his calves and an ornament of ostrich feathers, with a monkey and a parrot

A young woman of Aquascogoc, leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings), associated with John White; standing to left, wearing a leather skirt and with tattoos, her hands resting on her shoulders, her right foot tucked behind the left

Verso: A 'werowance' or great lord of Virginia; holding a bow, standing to front, looking l, his right hand on his hip

The wife of a 'werowance' or chief of Secotan, leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings), assocated with John White; standing to right, wearing a leather skirt and with tatoos, her arms folded

Verso: Kalicho, an Inuk, seen from behind; wearing a sealskin jacket with hood and tail, holding a bow and paddle

Tupinamba Indians mourning, leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings); a dead man, suspended in a hammock, mourned by four women, two crouched in the foreground covering their faces with their hands, and a man behind holding a dance rattle, both men with a plug or labret in their chins

Verso: A Tupinamba Indian from Brazil; standing, nude, his body embellished with vertical parallel scars, with shaved head and wearing a labret, a club with feathers in his right hand, and a severed head on the ground

A wife of a 'werowance' or chief of Pomeiooc carrying a child; woman with tattoos or painted marks, child on her back with one leg held through her arm
Watercolour over graphite, touched with white

A Timucuan chief of Florida, after Jacques Le Moyne; with painted marks, plume in hair, quiver, bow and arrow, wearing circular brass (?) gorgets

A wife of the 'werowance' or chief, Wingina; with tattoo or painted marks and jewellery

The wife of a chief or 'werowance' of Secotan; with tattoos or painted marks and necklace, arms crossed

A wife of an Indian 'werowance' or chief of Pomeiooc, and her daughter; woman with tattoos or painted marks carrying gourd vessel, child carrying contemporary English doll

An Indian 'werowance', or chief, painted for a great solemn gathering: with three feathers, a bow and quiver

The skirmish at Bloody Point, Frobisher Bay; leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings), associated with John White; Englishmen with guns in a boat with a flag with the cross of St George, firing on Inuit on a cliff, further Inuit in kayak in front and beyond, amid ice floes in the foreground

Kalicho, an Inuk from Frobisher Bay, leaf from a volume (now consisting of 113 leaves of drawings), after John White; standing to front and looking to right, wearing a sealskin jacket with hood and tail, holding a bow and paddle

Watercolour, with pen and grey ink
Verso: Arnaq and Nutaaq, Inuit from Frobisher Bay; wearing a sealskin jacket with hood and tail and long boots, the child visible in her hood


\An Indian priest; hair partly shaven with roach, wearing tunic

An Indian medicine man, 'The flyer'; in a dancing posture, headress adorned with bird, tobacco pouch at his belt


Это древние шотландцы, а не индейцы, что вилно по чертам лица:

A 'Warrior neighbour of the Picts'; stained body, with shield and sword
Pen and brown ink and watercolour over graphite, heightened with white

A 'woman neighbour to the Picts'; wearing tunic, breasts bare, with curved sword and spear
Pen and brown ink and watercolour over graphite

A Pictish woman; nude with stained and painted body, curved sword and spears
Pen and brown ink and watercolour over graphite, touched with white (oxidised)
A 'Pict warrior

A 'Pict warrior'; nude with stained and painted body, with shield, curved sword and spear

Вот эта картинка вызывает большие сомнения- похоже, что воин разукрашен рисунками с европейских доспехов в форме торса, такие были в античности и позже:

Drawn by John White
A Pictish warrior holding a human head; nude, body stained and painted with birds, animals and serpents carrying shield and man's head, with large curved sword
Watercolour touched with bodycolour and white over graphite


1.CRIVELLI, Carlo/St George.1472
2.CRIVELLI, Carlo St. Michael c1476
3.CRIVELLI, Carlo. Hl. Rochus um 1480

----------------Другие художники----------------

Soldiers meeting American natives; the three natives nude or demi-nude; illustration to an unidentified Latin edition of Sebastian Münster, 'Cosmographia', probably printed by Petri in Basel, c.1544-52.

--------------Theodor de Bry,1590----------------------

Его картинок очень много, выложу их позже, пока можно посмотреть великолепный гротескный алфавит братьев de Bry и другие гравюры внизу по ссылке.

--------------------17-18 век-------------------------

A crucified figure of Christ appearing in a tree to the consternation of a passing Indian. 1760s

St Toribio being offered a book by two American Indians and a woman behind them, an angel gesturing towards it, after Maratti

After Abraham van Diepenbeeck
Landscape with a Native American seen from behind but looking backwards, whole length, wearing a feather head-dress and clothes, holding a bow and quiver, a bay in background; after Abraham van Diepenbeeck


Sa Ga Yeath Qua Pieth Tow, King of the Maquas.

1752-1763 (c.)

Etow Oh Koam,
King of the River Nation.
After Jan Verelst
1752-1763 (c.)

Print made by Francesco Bartolozzi
After Benjamin West
Family of Red Indian; a man standing on the left, pointing to the left; his wife standing on the right, holding a baby in her arms; another child seated with a god inside the house at extreme right; after Benjamin West; frontispiece to 'Storia degli stabilimenti europei in America' (1763). 1763
Etching with engraving

Эта гравюра вообще прикольная, юный туземец под пальмой опирается на медальон с портретом Louis XV:

Print made by Charles Echard
Young American Indian sitting in profile to right at the bottom of a palm tree, with left hand holding a portfolio, and right arm resting on an oval medallion representing Louis XV; frontispiece to an unidentified book (?), before letter

Циклы других художников 16 века у меня есть, там много неоднозначных и спорных картинок, есть сомнения в авторстве художников.
Обязательно постараюсь их выложить, есть очень любопытные гравюры про каннибализм и прочее.

Вообще же- в серьезных музеях и библиотеках картинок со сценами каннибализма индейцев тоже практически нет, почему-то они показаны только на сайтах постеров и в викимедии.


Братья de Bry. 16 век. Алфавит и гравюры.-ТУТ

МОНСТРЫ, все посты-ТУТ




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