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Monogrammist FVB(1475-1500) Гравюры

Св.Георгий и дракон

Его работ сохранилось совсем немного, большинства из этих гравюр не было в поиске.

---------------Monogrammist FVB---------------
Flemish Northern Renaissance Engraver, active ca.1475-1500]
Also known as: Franz von Bocholt
Brugge, Frans van; Master FVB


The Virgin with Child with a pear; in half-length, standing behind a window, with a cushion on the ledge; with view on the landscape behind

The Virgin with Child on the crescent

The Annunciation; within a bedroom, the Virgin kneels in the left foreground, the angel stands to the right; with some defects below. c. 1490


St Paul; the apostle standing, turned slightly to the left and facing right, holding a book and his sword; trimmed

St Peter; the apostle standing, facing to the right, holding a book and his key;

Saint Barbara
Engraving, 166 x 92 mm
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

St Catherine; the saint standing in the centre with sword and broken wheel; a tower in the left background; trimmed. c. 1490-1500

St James the Greater; the apostle standing, facing front, holding a book, a rosary and his pilgrim's staff; trimmed, the right corners are missing

St John the Baptist; the saint standing in the centre, holding a book on top of which the lamb is placed; first state; trimmed

1475-1500 (c.)
St Michael; the archangel standing on top of a devil, piercing him with a lance; the demon holds onto a shield

1475-1500 (c.)
St Christopher; the saint carrying the Child trough the water; the hermit with lantern stands on the shore to the left; boats in the background; trimmed

Monogrammist FVB
St George and the dragon; the knight depicted on horseback, with raised sword; the dragon lies below, with the lance pierced through the throat; the princess with lamb stands in the left background; first state; trimmed. c. 1480-90

-----------------Samson rending the lion------------------

Samson rending the lion; first state


The Judgement of Solomon; the king is seated on a throne in the centre, a large group of men standing on either side; in the foreground stand the two disputing mothers, with the dead and living child; second state; with defects. c.1480

Print made by Monogrammist FVB
1475-1500 (c.)
Two peasants quarrelling over a game of skittles; village and forest in the background; trimmed

---------------After Martin Schongauer-------------

Print made by Monogrammist FVB
After Martin Schongauer
1475-1500 (c.)
The tribulations of St Antony; the saint is lifted into the air and tormented by nine demons; first state


Monogrammist FVB
After Martin Schongauer
1475-1500 (c.)
Schools /Styles
Ornament with hop tendrils

Print made by Israhel van Meckenem (retouched by)
Print made by Monogrammist FVB
After Martin Schongauer
1475-1500 (c.)
Ornament with an owl and other birds; second state; trimmed and without the right corners

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