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Daniel Hopfer (1470 - 1536).Гравюры.

Hopfer был современником величайших художников в истории Германии - Лукаса Кранаха, Ганса Гольбейна и Альбрехта Дюрера.

Three old women beating a Devil on the ground

Hopfer сыграл одну из самых ключевых ролей в распространении декоративных стилей возрождения через в Германию и Европу: в частности, древнеримские гротески, с их мифологическими чудовищами и странными фигурами среди лиственных гирлянд, в оформлении гравюр и дизайнов канделябров и алтарей.

Он и его сыновья усовершенствовали технику травления гравюр (поскольку занимались доспехами), ей пользовался Дюрер.

The Calvary.

Virgin and Child

Virgin and Child

Presentation of the Virgin; Mary ascending the steps at centre, followed by a group including her parents Sts Anne and Joachim; the high priest Zacharias expecting her at left; scene set in courtyard with Renaissance architecture; impression from the Funck series.

Church interior with the parable of the mote and the beam; the parable illustrated in left foreground. c.1520

Christ and the adulterous woman

Christ on the cross in a decorated niche; six angels surrounding the cross, two sphinxes and two soldiers on top of the architectural frame

Jacob and Esau standing underneath an arch; God, surrounded by cherubim, holding a crown over Jacob's head. Title-page illustration to Johann von Eck, 'Chrysopassus, Augsburg, Johann Miller: 1514.

St Roch

Daniel Hopfer, The Last Judgement


Justice; draped figure of Justice at centre holding the sword and scales, a crane standing at left holding a stone in its claws


Ornamental Fillet with Seahorse
Daniel Hopfer

Battle of Tritons

The Hermitage, St. Petersburg


Print made by Daniel Hopfer
After Michelangelo
St Sebastian after Michelangelo's Haman


----------------------Жизнь и быт-----------------

Man Embracing a Woman

Illustration to Proverbs

The grain hoarder; an obese male figure sitting on sacks of grain on left, with demons on his shoulders and head; another man on far right selling his grain to the crowd gathered at centre; impression from the Funck series, substantially trimmed at top and r. 1534


Three old women beating a Devil on the ground

Three haggard-looking old women, possibly witches, beating the devil to the ground, devilish creatures in the sky, landscape background; another impression; large section at lower right made up.

Memento Mori - Death & the Devil Surprising Two Women

A male and female dwarf dancing, Marcolfus with a necklace hung with bells around his neck and a bird's nest on his head; another impression

Carnival; six grotesque male figures dancing around a woman holding skewer with sausages and a pitcher; a musician on far r; copy after a Florentine print signed 'S E' (Hind II, ill. 209)


Portrait of Conrad von der Rosen, jester at the court of Maximilian

Portrait of Martin Luther with the doctor's cap; reverse copy after Cranach the Elder (Hollstein 8); bust-length, in profile to right. 1523

Double portrait of Pope Leo X and his brother, Giuliano de' Medici

Medallion with the bust of Nero; in profile to left; the medallion framed by grotesque ornaments with centaurs above and harpies below. c.1520

--------------------Военные и ланскнехты-------------------

Soldier and Woman (etching on iron)


Officer Accompanied by Four Soldiers

Drei arabische Lanzenreiter

Standard bearer fighting against five landsknechts


A Trophy of Arms



Frontpiece архитектуры в 3-х частей: ниже Святого Семейства, в центре Распятие, воскресения двух апостолов: Петра и Павла.
On the right : Arabesque with Satyrs Справа: Арабески с сатирами

Дизайны для кувшинов и зеркал


Reliquary with Pieta

Altar tabernacle; with the Holy Kinship at bottom, Christ on the cross with the Virgin and St John at centre; lower plate only of an etching printed from two plates. 1518

Large choir stalls with Christ blessing the Virgin; flanked by John the Baptist and St Catherine; centre sheet of a set of three only.

------------------Орнаменты и гротески------------

Mary with Jesus

Ornament with Thistle (Gothic Thistle).

Heads of grotesque animals; weak impression from the Funck series, or later; with foxing.

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