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Гуаши 1820-25 г. Ремесла, фарфор, лавки и магазины.

Mining the Kaolin, c. 1825 Guangzhou, china Gouache on pape

Mining the Petuntse,ca.1825 Guangzhou, China: Gouach on paper


Porcelain Manufacture Series, ,Refining the clay ca.1825; Guangzhou; China:; Gouache on paper

Измельчение глины
Breaking up the Clay; ca. 1825

Wedging the Clay

Shaping on the Potter's Wheel, ca. 1825

Modeling Vessels, c. 1825

Hand Modeling and Molding, c. 1825

Малые муфельные печи, Small Kilns

Firing Large Muffle Kilns

Emptying a Kiln, c. 1825

Firing a Dragon Kiln, c. 1825
Печь "Дракон"

Loading the Kilns

Painting in Underglaze Blue

An Enameling Studio

Workmen Applying the Glazes, c. 1825

Packing the Porcelain

Transporting the Porcelain

Transporting by Water

Glazing Martabani Ware

Porcelain Shop, c. 1820 Guangzhou, China Gouache on paper Museum

----------Лавки и магазины------


Tingqua's Studio, mid 19th century Studio of Guan Lianchang, also known as Tingqua (active 1830s-1870s) Guangzhou (Canton), China Gouache

Tingqua's Studio

Images for Joss Houses, c. 1825 Guangzhou, China Gouache

Watchmaker Shop, c. 1825

Medicine Shop, c. 1820

Matts and Rattans, ca. 1825

Lanthorns, c. 1825

Working gold for fine jewelry articles, c. 1825

View of New China Street, Canton with "Polly the Tailor's shop" and "Lamqua the Painter's Shp", c. 1830 Attributed to Lamqua (Active 1820-1870) Guangzhou, China

Peabody Essex Museum 2007 Photo Jeffrey R. Dykes

Еще по теме

Model of Pagoda,ca.1801 China

Punch bowl showing Canton foreign factory sites. ca. 1780 Punch Bowl ca. 1788

ФАРФОР, все посты-ТУТ

Фарфоровые кабинеты. Испания.18 век-ТУТ

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