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Купальные костюмы 1900-1950.

Diana Dors

Здесь много интересных купальников 40-50-х годов,"жатых", с пышными штанишками и юбочками.


В начале века в комплект к купальнику входила красивая шапочка и специальная купальная обувь:

[Summer girs number three.] (1910)

Bathing Beauties. . .
. . . on the moon!

1910-Ladies wring out their Swim Suits

---------------1910-е фото-------

Woman in bathing suit with parasol, 1917

[Young woman posing in bathing suit with other bathers and spectators in background]
Date Created/Published: [between 1909 and 1920]


Canthrox shampoo advertisement from the July 1916 issue of Women's Home Companion magazine.


Early 1920s
Beach Vampire postcard



1919-beach scene

1920-Bathing Beauties

Bathing beauties - 1920

1922-Girls of Summer

1924-Girls Gone Wild

1928-Girls Seaweed Jump Rope

A day in Long Beach, California at the Pacific Southwest Exposition.

1920-Bathing Beauty

Potomac bathing beach

Woolen b/w chess bathing suit

Costume da bagno in maglia di lana a scacchi bianchi e neri.
Woolen b/w chess bathing suit. 1927.

Fantasia da spiaggia in satin

in "L'Illustrazione", italian weekly magazine.
Year II, n.29, july 16th 1927.


May 28, 1923. Kids at the Potomac bathing beach.


1935-Happy New Year, Girls on the Beach

A large clock in the sand at Venice Beach, made with letters and people.

Girls on the beach in Santa Monica, California in swim suits showing the new year 1931.

1931-Feeding Seal on Beach
A group feeding a seal on the beach in Long Beach, California.

Beauties Sunbathing 1930s


Jean Harlow


June Knight

Marie Wilson Ann Nagel

----------- 1930s -1934 swimsuits-----------

the 1930s -1934 swimsuits


Susan Peters and her Great Dane
Lovely Academy Award-nominated movie star Susan Peters in 1943, frolicking on the beach with her dog Thunder, a Great Dane.

Peggy Moran & Kathryn Adams 1940

Woman posing at Beach, 1940s

Woman Showering in Swimsuit

Arlene, Betty, Shirley and Doris Gosselin on the beach at Tyler Lake, Goshen, Connecticut - taken 1945

Bathing Beauty Poses at Shoreline
'40s woman in a swimsuit, this one against what appears to be a foggy shoreline.


Jane Greer wearing Catalina Swimwear 1948




Ski Witch
1954, Cypress Gardens, Florida, USA


1950 LIFE Magazine - Photo by Nina Leen

1952 LIFE Magazine - Photo by Nina Leen

1950 LIFE Magazine - Photo by Nina Leen

1952-Swimsuit Models

Abraham & Straus 1950

Kresge Newark 1950

1959-Safe Driving

Martine Carol
French postcard by Edition du Globe, Paris, Photo: Sam Levin.


Everglaze 1954

-------------Diana Dors--------------


Продолжение- купальники 40-50-х в цвете- в следующем посте.


Купальные костюмы, история с 19 века:

Эволюция купальника , все посты-ТУТ


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